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Plastic Hit By Bullet Regrows After Getting Hit




” Self-healing materials are a bit of a holy grail at the moment, and several have been developed that can fix small cuts and hairline fractures, but this latest development appears to advance the technology by a major leap. Researchers at the University of Illinois have invented a type of plastic that not only heals fractures, but can regenerate over large cracks and holes.

” We have demonstrated repair of a nonliving, synthetic materials system in a way that is reminiscent of repair-by-regrowth as seen in some living systems,” explained chemistry professor Jeffry Moore, who worked on the research team under aerospace engineering professor Scott White.

  This could be useful not just in day-to-day life — think a self-healing car bumper — but in areas where repairs are particularly difficult, like space.

  The team used something called “vascular delivery”, a technology it has been developing for some years that is based on veins. Liquid materials circulated within the material perform various tasks.”


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Researcher Develops Spidey-Sense Suit



” Victor Mateevitsi, a PhD student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is developing a wearable suit that would provide the person a sixth sense. He has even called the project SpiderSense with a nod to the Marvel comic hero.

The way the suit works is it picks up on ultra sonic reflections from objects that are coming toward it. Once it senses the object, the suit can moves the arms and legs to adapt to the object.

He has already tested it on students that he blindfolded to see if they could still have 360-degree awareness. When someone approached the person wearing the suit while blindfolded,Mateevitsi had the person throw a cardboard ninja star at them. Ninety-five percent of the time the person wearing the suit was able to sense the approaching individual.”