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New book details free speech
restrictions on college campuses


” The author of a new book is angry at the suppression of politically incorrect views on campus. “On college campuses today, students are punished for everything from mild satire, to writing politically incorrect short stories, to having the ‘wrong’ opinion on virtually every hot
button issue, and, increasingly,
simply for criticizing the college
administration,” writes Greg
Lukianoff, the president of the
Foundation for Individual Rights in
Education (FIRE)”

A Bit Short Notice

But if you are in the area tonight perhaps you might attend .

NRA-U coming to UWRF

“The NRA University will be coming to the campus of UW-River Falls to address the myths of gun control and educate students on Supreme Court cases surrounding the Second Amendment.

An NRA staff member will speak on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at the UWRF campus at the University Center’s Kinni Theater beginning at 7:30 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.”

We want to attend this University .

No Left-wing tenured hippies here .

   “While most of the students (myself included) spent Day 1 at the range familiarizing ourselves with the Gunwerks platform, Day 2 was about getting off the bench into some realistic field positions and making good shots on different target at a variety of distances. We had the same sighting targets at 400, 700, and 950 from Day 1, but got to see some additional small targets between 700 and 800 yards, and finally some small-scale elk silhouettes at 880 . . .”


Black students at the University of Memphis hanged from a tree a piñata made to look like a
white woman , and took turns beating it with a stick. A photo of the incident has been making
the rounds on the internet, and the university had to issue a statement about it this week.