Drunk British Businessman Died After Falling Into French Moat While Urinating




” A British man died after plunging 10ft into a moat after taking a leak in Paris, an inquest heard.

  Simon Bartlett, who worked for a firm of architectural engineers, stopped to urinate during some late-night sight-seeing when he fell to his death.

  After finishing dinner with colleagues Mr Bartlett visited Les Invalides, a historic complex of Army museums, in the early hours of June 28 last year.

  Detective Constable Christopher Dinenage told the Portsmouth inquest that the 49-year-old father-of-three was found lying face down at the bottom of the dry moat surrounding the building with his trousers undone.

  Mr Dinenage said that French police had viewed CCTV footage which showed Mr Bartlett had been unsteady on his feet and they had concluded he had fallen while stopping to urinate into the moat.”

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