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Warning : It Will Make Your Head Spin

Debt Clock

   For those of you who are familiar with this clock you may note that the debt has risen nearly half a trillion dollars since we first published this in May of this year . For those in disbelief we invite you to check the page at the top of our website that has a screenshot of our original post from 5 months ago . Note the US National Debt in the upper left corner . In May we were at $16.5 TRILLION +/-  while today we are on the verge of crossing the $17 TRILLION mark .

   Correction: Having done a little math , admittedly not our specialty , we conclude that the US debt will hit the $17 TRILLION mark in approximately 84 days . In other words on or about January 7th … Happy New Year !

   To put it another way , one that is a bit easier to comprehend , the National Debt is growing at the rate of approximately $433,734,939.76 DAILY … Yes , you read that right , nearly $434 MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY . 

    All of you mathematicians out there please be kind , we realize and openly admit that these numbers are approximations only . The real problem with accuracy lies in the fact that the numbers on the chart are climbing so swiftly that it is extremely difficult to get an exact starting amount and time .


Warning : It Will Make Your Head Spin