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Senate Unanimously Welcomes Netanyahu To America





” The Senate on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution welcoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to America and endorsing his speech before a joint session of Congress.

  Critics of the Obama administration view the unanimous approval as a rebuke to the White House and Democrats, who have vowed to boycott Netanyahu’s address and work to counter his warnings about the dangers of a nuclear Iran.

  No Senate Democrats sponsored the measure, which attracted 50 Republican cosponsors. However, none attempted to block its passage, signaling that support for Israel and Netanyahu’s message has outweighed a pressure campaign by the Obama administration to sabotage the address.

“ The Senate warmly welcomes the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, on his visit to the United States, which provides a timely opportunity to reinforce the United State-Israel relationship,” the resolution states.

  Congress “eagerly awaits the address of Prime Minister Netanyahu before a joint meeting of the United States Congress,” it continues.”


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Senate to Vote on NSSF-Backed Sportsmen Act After Thanksgiving (VIDEO)




 ” After several preliminary votes on the Sportsmen’s Act (S.3525), the U.S. Senate has decided it will take a final vote on the measure after Thanksgiving break.

Thus far, the bipartisan bill, which contains all sorts of goodies for gun owners, hunters, shooters and sportsmen (see priority provisions below), has garnered a ton of support from lawmakers.

On Thursday, the Senate advanced the Sportsmen’s Act by an 84-12 preliminary vote, a sign of the bill’s overwhelming popularity.

“Sportsmen and -women across Montana and the nation are calling for responsible decisions that strengthen our outdoor economy and secure our outdoor heritage for future generations,” Sen. John Tester, the bill’s lead sponsor, told KFBB News.

“This measure does just that,” Tester continued, “taking good ideas from Republicans and Democrats to protect our hunting and fishing traditions and safeguard our most treasured places. I will keep pushing to get it across the finish line.” “

UN Arms Treaty Dead

   ” For now, thanks to the efforts of so many politically active supporters, we have bought some time before the next arms treaty. And that day will come. The gun grabbers know they’re running a marathon, not a sprint. They are patient and will work out a more narrowly crafted treaty that still slices away at our liberty.”


Be sure and thank the Senators who signed the Moran letter and pledged to stop the approval of the treaty in the US . Gun Owners of America has provided a list of those Senators . Is yours on it ? 

Can we expect a rebate from Holder’s salary ? He is certainly not taking care of the people’s business as he spends most of his working hours lying to Congress . Of course with Harry Reid in command the Senate hearings are sure to produce nothing of consequence .

” When Attorney General Eric Holder will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, he will likely face a barrage of questions about the pending threat of contempt proceedings over what the House oversight committee has called a failure to comply with a subpoena related to Operation Fast and Furious.”