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Courtesy Of Rebel Z & The Free Thought Project



Ferguson Livestream





    While the live feed is offline for the moment there are hours of first person video available for viewing at Ustream and we are sure that Rebel Z will be back on line with live feeds very soon so stay tuned .










    For those who might be interested in the growing student protests and increasing crackdown of same by the Chinese authorities we provide the reader with a pair of live feeds from Hong Kong .



Live Hong Kong Feed



The above feed is from Ustream subscriber 本台設有下載區及網誌  Mee JTV



Live Feed Hong Kong

The second feed is from 佔領中環直播 Occupy Central,Hong Kong Live




   Bear in mind that these feeds sometimes cease broadcasting for a time but usually go live again fairly quickly so keep checking back for the latest developments .
















“Disperse Or We Fire”- Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas At Protesting Students: Live Webcast



Hong Kong Protests Ustream



” Yesterday we reported that the biggest riot over the weekend was not in Ferguson (although things there are hardly stable after a local police officer was shot in the violent town overnight) but in Hong Kong, where students and other mostly young people are protesting the recent loss of their democratic vote powers and thus “the loss of their freedom.” Since then things have gotten from bad to worse when late last night Hong Kong declared the start of the Occupy Central disobedience campaign, leading to violent skirmishes with the police, which over the past hour have included the use of tear gas by the police as well as the first outright warning by the cops demanding that the student protesters disperse or risk being fired upon.\

  The following warning from the local police urging protesters to disperse or “they will fire” has attracted a lof attention:



Zero Hedge has much more













You Can View Livestream Video Of Ukrainian Army Preparations Via Ustream 



Ukraine War Preps



” IT specialists and volunteers from Lviv and Kyiv have provided livestreaming equipment to some of the Ukrainian military bases in Crimea as many journalists have encountered difficulties while trying to report from there.

  Their videos can be found on USTREAM:
krymsos04 (Pereval’ne), krymsos08 (Fiolent), krymsos15 (Bel’bek), krymsos16 (Feodosiya), krymsos23 (Yevpatoriya), krymsos42 (Kerch). “









Click On The Picture Below For A LiveStream Of The Ukrainian Protests



Ustream Kiev




    If you can help out with a donation please do so . There are links at the bottom of the page to help pay for the cost of the continuous livestreaming that has been broadcasting since late November .




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Live-Streaming From The Atlas Shrugged Movie Set



Livestreaming Atlas Shrugged 2.7.14



” The official UStream Channel of the Atlas Shrugged Movie.”






Militarized Police Detain Activists en Masse At Kelly Thomas Rally





” UPDATE: Ustreamer Patti Beers who filmed herself being arrested has been released. Woman who was accused of assaulting a news photographer was also released. At least eleven others still detained.

  Saturday night, multiple activists were arrested at a rally to demand justice for Kelly Thomas, a mentally-ill homeless man who was killed by police in 2011. Two officers involved in the incident were acquitted on Jan. 13. In response to the ruling, a protest took place in Fullerton, Cali. where the Thomas killing happened.

  According to a report yesterday by a local news station, 14 people total were arrested, the majority for “failure to disperse.” One was arrested for allegedly assaulting a news photographer, and according to the police, the incident was the reason for breaking up the protest .”



Thomas Kelly Protest



” Later in the night, an arrest en masse was captured live and uploaded to Ustream by activist Patti Beers. The filming stopped when she was arrested herself. Beforehand, the footage shows Beers having a conversation with another protester claiming his friend Dallas had just been arrested by undercover police without hearing his Miranda rights. An unconfirmed source states that Beers was also not read her Miranda rights.

  The video streamed by Beers shows police suddenly entering the park and detaining people indiscriminately. According to the same source, “the majority who were picked up were grabbed by snatch squads in vans. The vans would roll up, and militarized police jumped out and snatched people — like the Gestapo.” “


Read more at AntiMedia











Quadrantids 2014: Watch First Meteor Shower Of The Year Live Online







” The first meteor shower of the year will peak tonight (2 January) and tomorrow and will be visible across the Northern Hemisphere.

  The Quadrantids began on 28 December and will continue through to 12 January. At its peak, people should be able to see up to 80 meteorites per hour.

  Less known than its preceding meteor showers Perseids in August and Geminids in December, Quadrantids are often missed by stargazers as the peak intensity only lasts a few hours.

  According to Earth Sky, the best time to watch for people in North America will be between midnight and dawn on the morning of 3 January. People in Asia should watch at the same time the following day.”



Given the weather forecast for the northeastern US it might be a better bet to watch the show online :



” Anyone wishing to watch the meteor shower from the comfort of their homes can also see the Quadrantids live online. Nasa’s Marshall Space Flight Centre will be hosting a live Ustream view of the shower from the skies over Huntsville, Alabama, which can be found here.”















Live Feed With Audio From Ustream


Live Feed DC Truckers