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Obama, Friends Explain On Facebook That All This Cold Really Means Global Warming!






Global warming as seen by our “Dear Leader” and buddies … LOL





Image Blitz


“White House senior adviser Valerie
Jarrett’s real-estate investment
jumped in value between 2010 and
2011, documents show”

” Senior White House adviser and long-time Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett’s role in a number of controversial Chicago housing developments has garnered her investments worth millions
of dollars while highlighting the
administration’s extensive business ties to presidential donors.”

Jarrett ignores questions on terminated non-union Delphi pensions

” Emails The DC obtained and first published on Tuesday show senior White House and Treasury officials were behind the termination of
pensions for 20,000 non-union Delphi salaried retirees.

  Those emails show that the Treasury.Department, led by Secretary Timothy Geithner,
was the driving force behind terminating those pensions — a move made in 2009 while the
Obama administration implemented its auto bailout plan. The emails contradict sworn
testimony in which several Obama
administration figures have consistently said that the decision to terminate the pensions came
from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). The PBGC is a federal agency that handles private sector pension benefits issues. Its charter calls for independent representation of pension beneficiaries’ interests.”

All Campaign , All the Time




Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s senior adviser, was badly received at the National Association of Black Journalists’ annual awards banquet after she flouted convention by delivering Obama campaign talking points.”

More Imperial Behavior

From “the man of the people “… 

Mr 1% is at it again … as the Free Beacon reports :

  “Between 100 and 200 Chicago police officers will secure the perimeter at the Saturday wedding of Valerie Jarrett’s daughter, which President Obama and the first family will attend:

ANCHOR ABC CHICAGO: President Obama and the first family will head to Chicago later today. Among the president’s plans is the wedding of Laura Jarrett, daughter of Obama senior adviser Valeire Jarrett. Chopper 7 HD flew over the backyard of the Kenwood home that will be hosting the wedding. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago police will be providing security. It is being reported that between 100 and 200 police officers will help secure perimeter around the wedding.”

As if we aren’t in difficult enough financial shape , now the taxpayer is expected to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars so the daughter of an UNELECTED official can get married ? And an anti-American communist official at that ..

Droning On …. And On

  I don’t know what to make of this . I’ve never heard of the site before and have no time at present to investigate but it certainly makes for an interesting read . See what you think . Of course , beware , perhaps visiting the link will get you on the White House “Kill” list .

  “WHI:  Right – now ask yourself this…why is a president so consumed by this one little part of the job?  Now that may sound…I don’t mean to dismiss the taking of human life as a little part of the job…but hell…fact is…I don’t know of a president who has ever taken such…personal interest…I’m gonna come right out and call it pleasure, ok?  Barack Obama takes personal pleasure in using those drones.  Now why is that?  ‘Cause that kind of obsession – that ain’t normal.  He’s a lazy slob of a president – but that damn drone program has his full attention.  He love’s the sh-t outta those godd—mn drones.  He spends hours watching television, or flying around giving another speech – but he don’t miss one of those kill meetings.

So ask yourself – WHY?  And I’ll tell ya that once you figure out that, then you see the big picture.  You see what’s going on here – you see the payoff.  You see how odd things he’s said in the past…how they now make a hell of a lot more sense now.  You see what a second Obama term really means for us.  You see why the military is getting more and more nervous about this guy…you see why it’s got somebody like the Old Man so upset and so damn afraid.  You have…just like I did…you have your own John 9:30 moment.


…Obama loves them drones.  He has made them a personal priority above all else.”