Argentina To Put First Satellite In Space Using Own Launch Technology By 2015



” Between high inflation and political drama, Argentina has not had its best year. But the Latin American country is still reaching for the stars. Quite literally: Next year it plans to put its first satellite in space, using its own technology, from Argentine soil. That’s something that its rival and South America’s biggest economy, Brazil, can’t claim yet. While an international aerospace powerhouse, Brazil does not launch its own satellites, relying on rockets owned by other countries. 

The first experimental rocket from the Tronador II project will be tested before the end of November, according to Argentina’s Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (National Space Activities Commission, or CONAE). The launch has been ready for months, but success is dependent on climate and atmospheric conditions, which made the agency wait until the austral spring, said Executive Director Conrado Varotto.”



The more the merrier we say . God speed to the Argentinians . There is room in space for all .