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  Hot Air from Howard Dean

” Via WaPo , what strange Orwellian urge compels guys like this to try to make a meal out of a shinola sandwich? Literally nobody believes him.

   Jon Stewart turned MSNBC into a punchline for the depth of their denial after the Wisconsin
results and Dean-o’s even further gone than they are. You know what he thinks the bigvictory was last Tuesday?

  Supposedly, it’s the fact that Democrats took back the state senate by defeating a Republican incumbent in a recall election.”

Always look on the bright side of life Howard .


Another Small Victory ….

As I’ve said before , “good for them, good for us “

“Oklahoma will become the 25th state to allow the open carrying of handguns. Gov. Mary Fallin
signed into law Tuesday a measure that allows Oklahomans to openly carry handguns. The measure, Senate Bill 1733, allows those who are licensed to carry a firearm under the Oklahoma Self Defense Act a choice: to openly carry a
weapon or conceal it.”

You have to love a Governor that can say this :

“As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and a gun owner myself, I’m happy to sign this bill into law and grant law-abiding citizens the ability to openly carry firearms,”


“Just minutes ago, Mia B. Love won the Utah-04 nomination at the Utah Republican Convention. Love received 70.5% of the vote on the second ballot, defeating Carl Wimmer who received 29.5. ”

We are Breitbart , We are the Teaparty . Onward …