Internet Activist Recovers Deleted Video Of Police Assault, This Is How We Win!






” The power of the internet knows no bounds. It is our most powerful weapon against corruption and has helped to shed light on the ones that wish to remain in the darkness.

  The story below is another wonderful example of how the internet is helping to exonerate the innocent whilst bringing justice to the corrupt.

  A man was assaulted by police and his video of the incident confiscated. He was then jailed for 10 days after false charges were brought against him.

  A year later he received his phone back only to find that the files had been corrupted and the video unplayable.

  He reached out to the internet, and the internet answered. One of the files was repaired by a reddit user, which shows the assault on video. He explains what happens in the story below.”

     Below is a newly released video from Mr “Baxter” purporting to document the tampering of his cell phone while in police custody . Mr “Baxter” has other files pertaining to the assault that are still corrupted and welcomes any assistance from the public in retrieving those files . The corrupted files are available for download here and you can read more of his plight at The Free Thought Project.  




   A Liveleak user has also managed to recover a substantial portion of the audio in which the officer can be heard telling the videographer to get the f**k out of here .

Recovered Video:Audio False Arrest


   This entire episode seems somewhat suspicious as the videographer provides no details beyond the video . Following various links leads one to assume that this transpired in Oneida county in upstate NY and while the videos are posted on Youtube under the name of George Baxter on one video the videographer claims his name is Mark Lambridge .

   The video offers a brief glimpse of the patrol car and it’s license plate but is too blurry for us to make out as is the view of the officer’s name tag and the license plates on a truck in the background . As much as we despise police abuse and want to help in combatting it , we cannot help but believe that we are not getting the whole story here . We reserve judgement for now and offer the reader what information that we could find . Decide for yourselves .