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Just A Penny And A Rubber Band




” We love bikes. We love skirts. But sometimes these two don’t mix well. Which is why we came up with Penny in Yo’ Pants. An easy solution to making your skirt bikeable.

  Check out our website at pennyinyourpants.co.uk. We will be making a slicker model shortly that will be even better than a penny and a rubber band (imagine that). Proceeds will go to get more women on bikes around the world!

  This was prototyped during Cyclehack Glasgow, 2014. cyclehack.com “













Dan + Jackie 05.31.2014



This Video Of The Box Is One Of The Awesome Videos Highlighted By The Vimeo Staff

Vimeo Staff Favorites 2013

” We show up at Vimeo HQ each day because we freaking love videos. (Oh, and we get paid. Not money, though. Snacks.) And as the year wound down, we clamored to find, re-watch, and share our favorites from 2013. Why? Because there were so many videos that struck us as hilarious, pretty, thought-provoking, downright bizarre, and legitimately mind-blowingly epic.

  So watch these! And share them! (There are buttons to do that.) And tell us about your own top vids — tweet them with the hashtag #vimeofavs.”



“I must have watched this five times in a row when I first saw it. And then did research on the company behind it. Amazing technology, and they execute so well!”

          Tom Sartain
Application Engineer

   This is a page to bookmark and come back to as there are just so many marvelous videos to choose from like this one which we featured back in September of last year: 



A Second A Day From Birth

A Second A Day From Birth

This one on the other hand , which we also featured , is the polar opposite of Indigo’s first year of life … 

Biting Elbows – ‘Bad Motherf***er’ Official Music Video

Biting Elbows - Bad Motherfucker

There are many , many more super cool videos at the link , something for everyone .

Pipeline Winter 2013



” Happy new year everyone! 
Thought I would put together some of my aerial footage of 2013. 
All shots were on the North Shore of Oahu, Pipeline. 
More winter swells to come!
For more videos check out my Instagram: instagram.com/ericsterman
Music: Lindsey Stirling – Crystalize.
To buy quadrocopters visit dronefly.com/?Click=4211

Contact: jeff@aframephoto.com for licensing and job inquiry. 
Email: sterman.eric808@gmail.com”