Tourist Killed On Holiday Isle By Vigilante Mob Who Wrongly Believed He Was A Pedophile Screamed ‘I love kids, I Have A Little Girl’ Before They Burned Him Alive



” A mild mannered father-of-one screamed ‘I am innocent!’ seconds before being burnt alive by a rampaging mob on an idyllic holiday beach, it emerged today.

The last words of Frenchman Sebastien Judalet, 38, were recorded by the vigilante crowd in the popular tourist resort of Madagascar last Friday.

Mr Judalet, a Paris postman with an 11 year old daughter, was caught by a gang of some 300 people along with Roberto Gianfala, a Franco-Italian hotel worker in his 50s.

It is then that a confusion in Mr Judalet’s words may have caused his horrific death. He shouts, ‘I do not like children,’ to which a member of the crowd replies: ‘You do not like children?’

Mr Judalet replied: ‘I love kids, I have a little girl.’ He can be heard crying and further begging for mercy, before he is stripped naked, mutilated, and burnt on a beach fire alongside Mr Gianfala.”


    This video claims the two victims were suspected of organ trafficking and not pedophilia . Either way this is a horrible story .