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In Defense Of Banksy And Guerrilla Street Art





” To be a brand name in guerrilla street art is to be in exclusive company. And no one has built a bigger brand imposing his stencils, spray paintings, and sculptures on the world than Banksy. His latest installation, a scattershot, month-long spree of works called “Better Out Than In,” proved that to anyone who pays attention to New York City. Every day, across the five boroughs, the secretive artist debuted a fresh piece in a new location, spawning excited Instagrams, an interactive street map, and, yes, grumbling critique: not just from nannyesque Bloombergians, but the kinds of property rights advocates who sometimes cross swords with the Mayor. That is art Banksy style: sticking it to the man, and maybe to you too.

Apart or together, his compositions aren’t hard to interpret—meditations on the hypocrisies and opportunities of city life. But inseparable from the art is the nuanced question of how we, the audience, can choose to respond. Here Banksy offers little guidance. He seems fully content to let critics decry him as a criminal, or worse, as a crass commercialist.”






   Read more at Reason.com and as fate would have it the New York Post has an article about Banksy in today’s Sunday edition . Here is a link to the artist’s page as well as his Wikipedia page for those that want more .









    A month or so ago we linked to a fabulous 3D sidewalk painting brought to us by Amazing Things . It was a very popular post on a really cool subject . Now we have the pleasure to bring you not one more sample of that type of creative genius , but a whole collection of them from various artists around the world . We hope you enjoy the show .



Amazing 3D Sidewalk Art



The 3D street painting 'Crevasse' by artist Edgar Mueller .

The 3D street painting ‘Crevasse’ by artist Edgar Mueller




3D artist Kurt Wenner unveils his latest creation inspired by The Big Lunch.

3D artist Kurt Wenner unveils his latest creation inspired by The Big Lunch.



       These are two samples , there are thirteen more photos of these exciting creations at the link