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They’re At It Again … To be expected considering that Eric Holder failed to do anything about it last time . Thuggish is as thuggish does … Remember this crowd is voting for ” REVENGE ” .

A New Documentary From ” The Blaze “ ,


 highlights the issue of voter intimidation and vote fraud .



The Machine




Our Tax Dollars Screwing US

“Senior FAA officials accused of telling workers ‘job security’ at risk if GOP wins”

  It’s gotten so we can’t have any faith in government institutions at all . Never in our lifetimes have the federal agencies been so politicized . We need change . The entrenched government worker mentality will be the ruin of this country .


  “Two federal agency supervisors allegedly warned employees earlier this year that a Republican takeover in Washington could threaten their jobs — comments that some workers apparently took as guidance on “how to vote” and that one group claims may have violated federal law. 

Nonprofit watchdog Cause of Action wrote a letter Wednesday asking the Department of Transportation’s inspector general to launch a probe into the incident, involving senior officials with the Federal Aviation Administration. The incident occurred in May during a meeting at the FAA’s Seattle office, according to the letter. 

Emails obtained by FoxNews.com show one FAA employee recalling what John Hickey, deputy associate administrator for aviation safety, said at the meeting. “