The notion that the Federal Government stands for justice and fairness for all is absurd . Through bureaucratic appointments and administrative law the entire apparatus has been turned into our worst enemy . It is time to remind them who works for whom .

“The contempt that DOJ Civil Rights Division employees have for southerners manifests in public policy — whether skepticism toward legislative motives in enacting voter ID, or, as I
experienced firsthand, unwillingness to protect
whites in Mississippi who were the victims of racial discrimination by black officials.
   If states make the mistake of submitting election changes opposed by the NAACP, such as voter ID, to Gyamfi, these DOJ employees will hunt for evidence that racial bias motivated the change. And they will see racial bias where few do. The biases of the DOJ employees toward southerners, like the one shown in the Facebook
posting, will manifest in concrete DOJ decisions..The biases, for example, will view election
integrity measures to instead be a sinister scheme to return to Jim Crow.
   As former Democratic Congressman Artur Davis
said this past weekend at the True the Vote summit, “a driver’s license is not a billy club. A photo ID is not a fire hose.”