Yanukovych Crimes


 This infographic hints at the degree of corruption being exposed as Ukrainian volunteers dig into the records left behind be the Yanukovych regime . The investigators intend to upload as much information as possible online for all the world to see in an effort to reveal the true horror of Yanukovych’s reign . Some of what the graphic shows is explained in English below .

” 1,020,006,891 BILLION – where could you spend so much money??

This #infographic shows what #Yanukovich spent #Ukraine‘s money for:

> 7 million – re-construction of the #security fence of his property
> 290 million – the building of of a #Helicopter pad
> 7.5 million – the annual cost of maintaining one of his helicopters

Unfortunately, the corruption does not stop with Yanukovich.
All cases of theft must be reported and exposed so Ukraine can develop and provide a better life for its people.”

The origin and intended role of Yanukovychleaks is explained thusly …

” February 22 in the abandoned residence of the former President of Ukraine divers fished about 200 folders with documents that someone was trying to destroy while escaping.

  A group of journalists and volunteers undertook to save, systematization and investigation of the vast array of information about findiyalnist former owners residence.Identified and saved documents posted on this site and will be available to all journalists in the world.

  Also on site will appear investigative journalism, which will be based on these documents.

  February 22 in the abandoned residence of the former President of Ukraine divers fished about 200 folders with documents that someone tried to destroy during the flight.”

   Here is a list of the people responsible for undertaking the task of exposing the corruption of the Yanukovych regime along with contact information if the reader has anything to offer in the way of aid .

YanukovychLeaks це:

Список учасників проекту оновлюється.
Наша адреса: yanukovychleaks@gmail.com

Here is the English translation

YanukovychLeaks are:

The list is continuously updated
Contact us at: yanukovychleaks@gmail.com

The Price Of Democracy

   In other Ukrainian news 24 political prisoners have been set free , plans for greater repression have come to light , including proof of Russian involvement ,

#Yanukovich‘s plans for an even greater bloodbath to suppress #Euromaidan are coming to light!

#Russian military experts; the best #snipers available; experts in #explosives; and tens of thousands of #soldiers were all planned.

> Documents also show that the plans called for the use of #armored vehicles, various #grenades and auxiliary units such as, #bomb squads, emergency services, communication personnel and traffic #police.

> The former first deputy head of the general staff of the Russian #Armed Forces’ Main #Intelligence Directorate played a major role in planning the operations.”

The Berkut has been abolished , wanted posters issued , and much much more at EuroMaidan In English .