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Daily Video 2.3.15

The New “Mariner”, Waterproof Drone.. First Water Test Flights In St Maarten, Sxm, Caribbean!





Published on Jul 17, 2014

” Sure, everyone has a cool drone available now, but how many can be flown on and off the water?!? Our new Mariner can do just that, and even with an HD GoPro Hero3 attached to the bottom in a waterproof casing to gain those really cool shots from above and below the waterline! And if you’re more interested in professional quality stabilized video instead of being fully waterproof, the Mariner adapts in just a few minutes!

  These are just our first tests of the new Mariner waterproof drone as we dunked it in a pool a few times, but there will be plenty more test flights coming as we start flying it around some of our favorite beaches and tropical island destinations.. so keep an eye out!

  If you want to get in on the fun, send us an inquiry to info@LandAndSeaVideo.com to keep updated as our packages come available.. we’ll have everything from $500 for a basic kit, to $2500 for a full FPV package with ground station and 2-way communication including GPS coordinates with course, speed, altitude, etc.. very cool!

  Even if you’re not quite ready yet, drop us an email and we’ll add you to the mailing list for future updates to keep you in touch.. look forward to hear from you! 🙂

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Our Guide To This Year’s Holiday Season Filled With Fishing Apparel, Tackle, Electronics And More



   This ROV from Deep Trekker would make a great gift to the mariner on your list but beware of the $4000 price tag … and this is the starter model . The flagship model , DTG2 Turbo Worker , lists for $10,000 . 



f3-gift deep-trekker

DTG2 from Deep Trekker


” The DTG2 from Deep Trekker comes complete with a standard 50 meters of tether that connects you to the Superbright LCD Screen Controller and offers the first completely portable, remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Built to last, the DTG2 is constructed of a cast-aluminum body that encases a 360-degree window and allows the user to have an unprecedented field of view, whether checking out the bottom of the boat or exploring the ocean floor. Typical battery life ranges from six to eight hours. “



Watch this video of the DTG2 and see just how cool it is …






    As cool as an underwater ROV might be we personally can see ourselves having much more fun from a gift of the V2 , state of the art , waterproof , floating drone from SeaHex which is a steal at $8,000 … (sarc off) 




f3-gift seahex

SeaHex V2


” The SeaHex V2 changes the stakes for the ever-growing market of quadcopter drones. The big brother of the V1, which allows for safe water recovery, the V2 provides the impressive ability for both water landings and takeoffs. When coupled with the offshore fishing package, the SeaHex V2 lets you create a program to search a half-mile grid in front of you while sending a live feed back to an iPad or a smartphone onboard. That’s a huge advantage when looking for baitballs or a feeding frenzy.”



And here is a video of the SeaHex V2 in action …






    While we have highlighted a couple of the most expensive items on the list , do not be deterred . There is something for all budgets among the great gift ideas for the fisherman/boater you love at Marlin Magazine