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RedHack Hacks Turkish Ruling Party’s Mersin City Website, Take Over Their Twitter Account




” As we had reported yesterday that RedHack has announced total retaliation against Taylan’s arrest and backing him up till the last limit. The group has now taken down  official website of Turkish ruling party’s Mersin City website, ending up with hacking and then taking over party’s official Twitter account.

  The website was taken down as a DoS attack while the party’s Twitter account was hacked few hours ago.”










How To Successfully Register For Health Insurance On



This what you should see as you attempt to register:




” Frustrated by trying to register on You’re hardly alone. Of the 9.47 million people who tried to register in the first week, only 271,00 were able to create an account, according to one analysis. That’s about 1 in 35. Many people couldn’t even create user names and passwords. For tips on how to get past the roadblocks, we talked with a Phoenix software tester named Ben Simo. When he got stuck trying to register a family member, Simo used his professional know-how to look beneath the hood and come up with some suggestions for creating a user account that actually works.

1. Follow instructions when creating a user name.

That’s not as easy as it seems. For the user name, put in everything mentioned in the garbled instructions: at least seven characters that include at least one upper-case letter, one lower-case letter, one number, and one of the permitted symbols. Also follow the password instructions to the letter. (Simo says the instructions are needlessly complicated and logins will end up being less secure because users will be putting the info on Post-Its stuck to their computers, as indeed I have done with my own.) “



This is what most people see instead :



The closing paragraph says it all .


” If all this is too much for you to absorb, follow our previous advice: Stay away from for at least another month if you can. Hopefully that will be long enough for its software vendors to clean up the mess they’ve made. The coverage available through the marketplaces won’t begin until Jan. 1, 2014, at the earliest, and you have until Dec. 15 to enroll if you need insurance that starts promptly.

By the way, Simo has plenty more to say about on his blog. ”








Industry Source Tells NRO: WH May Have To Consider “Unthinkable Options” If Website Meltdown Continues Into November




” Today’s must-read comes from Yuval Levin, who spoke to five managers at the HHS department that’s running and three health-insurance industry managers. Their reactions to two weeks of total chaos on the site: “Restrained panic” from the former and more or less pants-wetting panic from the latter. I don’t think this qualifies as the news story we’re all waiting for because Levin has no sources up the chain in the decision-making parts of the executive branch, but if people in the industry are whispering about “unthinkable options” now, rest assured that people in the White House are too.

I can’t excerpt all the parts that are noteworthy, although if you’ve been following news about the apocalypse you already know some of what Levin reports — the login fiasco is a result of HHS demanding that people create an account before seeing what plans cost, the system still can’t calculate subsidies correctly (which means some people are getting the wrong price when they buy coverage), the “back end” communications between the federal data hub and private insurers are a shambles, and the chaos will only increase if HHS solves the login problems without solving the back end problems. (Imagine insurers having to sift through 5,000 garbled enrollments per day instead of 50.) What about the timeline, though? Per Levin’s sources, D-Day will come sometime in mid-November.

If the problems now plaguing the system are not resolved by mid-November and the flow of enrollments at that point looks like it does now, the prospects for the first year of the exchanges will be in very grave jeopardy. Some large advertising and outreach campaigns are also geared to that crucial six-week period around Thanksgiving and Christmas, so if the sites are not functional, all of that might not happen—or else might be wasted. If that’s what the late fall looks like, the administration might need to consider what one of the people I spoke with described as“unthinkable options” regarding the first year of the exchanges…

Sick people with preexisting conditions whose coverage will be very expensive for insurers will spend all day on the site trying to sign up. Young, healthy people, whose money insurers desperately need to help pay for that very expensive coverage for sick people, might try once or twice and then give up. Result: A giant bill for insurance companies with no way to pay it except by jacking up premiums on everyone who currently has insurance, and even that might not be enough. That’s the death spiral, and that’s why “unthinkable” options are suddenly, but inevitably, on the table.”








Anonymous Hits Israel With A Massive Cyber Attack, Israel Attacks Back





” To ring in this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day, the classy hackers at Anonymous took down a bunch of Israeli government websites on Sunday and say they caused over $3 billion in damage. But they didn’t totally get away with it. Within a few hours of the attack which Anonymous says affected 100,000 websites, 40,000 Facebook pages, 5,000 Twitter accounts and 30,000 bank accounts, anIsraeli hacker broke into the website that Anonymous had set up for the attack, dubbed Operation Israel. Instead of the original anti-Israel messages that were originally on the site to protest Israel’s treatment of Palestine, the Israeli hacker rejiggered the site to play “Hatikvah,” Israel’s national anthem. ”






A reader points this out to Professor Jacobson


 ” A reader writes:

Good morning! Any guesses as to what this referencing????

The tweets for the website (private to protect their sources) say the campaign knows about it and is scared. “It has the potential to change the election into a landslide.” This will come out right before the last debate on Monday and I would guess if it is truly something, it will shake the guilty one to the core (fingers crossed it is Obama).



Warning : The graphic will take you to the site . You’ve been warned .




‘This has the propensity to turn this election from a nail-biter into the biggest electoral landslide since 1984’ – our source


At the debate tonight, one candidate might look exceptionally nervous. They already know what the is.


Yes , you read that right . There is in fact a webpage from the House Oversight committee specifically about Fast&Furious/Gunwalker . It offers readers a detailed synopsis of the entire public investigation to date along with videos , timelines , testimony and graphics like this one below ..

The Victims

   For any who are concerned with justice for Brian Terry , Jaime Zapata and all the innocent Mexican citizens killed by this most heinous of Presidential scandals it is well worth your time . Bookmark it , recommend it and keep up with it .