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Someone Strapped A GoPro Camera To A Whiskey Bottle At A Wedding, And The Result Is Magical







” Look, if #EBOLA is going to make the leap from “thing everyone is freaking out about” to “thing everyone is freaking out about for good reason,” it needs to find a new method of transportation. Something with more scope than sterile hospital rooms and guarded medical workers. Something like… a bottle of delicious Fireball Cinnamon Whisky at a wedding. “









Yemeni Gangnam Style Wedding Results In Three Accidental AK47 Head Shots At Close Range


Yemeni Wedding Shooting Long

   Here is another view of the tragic idiocy , from a different angle . This clip reveals the idiot gunman firing his AK one-handed in the middle of the crowded dance floor .

Deadly Arab Wedding Celebration 1

” A Yemeni wedding ended in disaster after a guest firing celebratory shots in the air with his AK-47 accidentally killed two men while they were dancing to pop hit “Gangnam Style”, according to a police source and a video posted online. The police source said the guest at the wedding in the southern city of Taiz lost control of his rifle, leading to the deaths. Two other people were being treated in a local hospital.”

   One of the wounded succumbed to his injuries in the hospital bringing the death toll to three , and this is a culture that our “betters” on the Left would have us believe is no better or worse than our own ? 











Conflict of Interest ? Nah ..

ABC News Scrambles To Cover Up Barack Obama’s Attendance At VP Debate Moderator’s Wedding



  ” President Barack Obama was a guest at the 1991 wedding of ABC senior foreign correspondent and vice presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz, The Daily Caller has learned. Obama and groom Julius Genachowski, whom Obama would later tap to head the Federal Communications Commission, were Harvard Law School classmates at the time and members of the Harvard Law Review.

After TheDC made preliminary inquiries Monday to confirm Obama’s attendance at the wedding, ABC leaked a pre-emptive statement to liberal-leaning news outlets including Politico and The Daily Beast Tuesday, revealing what may have been internal network pressure felt just days before Raddatz was scheduled to moderate the one and only vice-presidential debate Thursday night.”

More Imperial Behavior

From “the man of the people “… 

Mr 1% is at it again … as the Free Beacon reports :

  “Between 100 and 200 Chicago police officers will secure the perimeter at the Saturday wedding of Valerie Jarrett’s daughter, which President Obama and the first family will attend:

ANCHOR ABC CHICAGO: President Obama and the first family will head to Chicago later today. Among the president’s plans is the wedding of Laura Jarrett, daughter of Obama senior adviser Valeire Jarrett. Chopper 7 HD flew over the backyard of the Kenwood home that will be hosting the wedding. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago police will be providing security. It is being reported that between 100 and 200 police officers will help secure perimeter around the wedding.”

As if we aren’t in difficult enough financial shape , now the taxpayer is expected to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars so the daughter of an UNELECTED official can get married ? And an anti-American communist official at that ..

IOTW’s take on the Obamas wedding song .

“I Saw Her Grazing There”

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