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President Obama’s Executive Orders to Cost Over $4.5 Billion




” The executive orders the President signed on Wednesday are expected to cost over $4.5 billion according to the Weekly Standard.

The main bulk of the spending will come from over $4 billion to keep more than 15,000 police officers on the street and another $150 million for putting new school resource officers on the job.”

NBC’s David Gregory Mocks NRA Chief For Proposing Armed Guards At Schools . . . Fails To Mention He Sends His Kids To School Protected By Armed Guards…




Yeah, but his kids are more important than ours.

Via Weekly Standard:

David Gregory mocked the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre for proposing that armed guards be at every school in America. But the NBC host seems to have no problem with armed guards protecting his kids everyday where they attend school in Washington, D.C.

“You proposed armed guards in school. We’ll talk about that in some detail in a moment. You confronted the news media. You blamed Hollywood and the gaming industry. But never once did you concede that guns could actually be part of the problem. Is that a meaningful contribution, Mr. LaPierre, or a dodge?,” asked Gregory.”





Democrats Will Be Sunk By Their Own Profligate Ways




 ” Some Republicans think a logical first step would be to compromise with President Barack Obama on pressing budget matters.

Perhaps the most disappointing comments come from The Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol, a previously staunch conservative who is suddenly calling on congressional Republicans to wave the white flag on tax increases.

“It wouldn’t kill the country if we raise taxes a little bit on millionaires,” Kristol was recently quoted as saying. “It really won’t, I don’t think.”

This coming from the man who as recently as 2009 said raising taxes during an economic slump would be “the stupidest thing you could do.”

Kristol is correct on both counts, of course. ”



Illustration By Lisa Benson

The Winning Answer

 Bill Kristol posits this :


“Almost 25 minutes into last Wednesday night’s presidential debate, it was already clear Mitt Romney was doing better than expected, and that Barack Obama was a bit flat. But it wasn’t yet obvious at the end of the debate’s first segment that the debate would produce a decisive winner.



Then moderator Jim Lehrer moved from taxes to a discussion of “what to do about the federal deficit, the federal debt.” Mitt Romney spoke first. His two-minute answer was the inflection point in the debate. After that, he was on a roll—a conservative roll. And President Obama would be reduced to an ineffectual defensive crouch—a liberal crouch.

Romney’s statement deserves to be reproduced in full:” CLICK TO VIEW

“Morning Jay: Why Is Obama’s Fundraising So Weak?”

” Earlier this week, we received final fundraising totals for the month of July – and the numbers were quite a shocker. The Republican side of
the campaign (a joint effort between Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee) raised a total of $101.3 million
dollars, and has $185.9 million in the bank. Meanwhile, the joint effort of President Obama
and the Democratic National Committee raised $75 million and has $95.8 million in the bank.”

Weekly Standard

” According to a Newsweek/Daily Beast poll of likely voters, Barack Obama now rates behind Jimmy Carter in the pantheon of great
presidents. The poll asked likely voters to list the two best and the two worst presidents the history of the United States. Here are the
tallies, based on net results: ”

     Of course this is just confirmation of facts that some of us were well aware of even before he was elected .

   We’ve paid a steep price to prove it to the rest of the voting public .