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20 Facts About Happiness That Will Surely Impress You




” Are you obsessively taking your happiness pulse? Do you even know what makes you happy anymore? I’m not talking about a happy day, happy hour, or happily-ever-after Hollywood ending. I’m talking about real, honest and true, long-lasting happiness.

  Of course, you’ll be happy when that email you received from Google tells you to pack your bags for Silicon Valley—because you got the job you wanted—or when that gorgeous guy or girl sitting across from you at the bar asks for your number.

  Surely those are smile-producing events, but after you move to Cali or go out on a few dates with Mr. or Miss Perfect, the smiles fade and you’re left alone with an “okay, now what?” empty feeling.

  Maybe you’re stuck in the “grass is greener on the other side” syndrome. Do you find yourself thinking, “If only I could move to another city, if only the kids would stop whining so much, and if only I could take that European vacation I’ve been dreaming about, then I will be truly happy”?

  Happy people are happy with what they have.

  Weddings, awards, love affairs, purses, shoes, or cars make you happy, but that joy is short lived. If you’re looking for real happiness, you might be looking in the wrong place.

  These impressive facts about happiness might surprise you.”


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Breast Size Preferences May Reveal Men’s Attitudes Toward Women





” Sexist men are more likely to prefer women with bigger breasts, according to a new study.

new study published February in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior found that the more oppressive attitudes a man has towards women, the more likely he is to prefer bustier women. 

The latest study consisted of 361 white heterosexual British men aged 18 to 68 who were asked to look at five 3D models of virtual women before determining which one they found that most attractive.  The pictures used in the study were all identical except for the models’ breast sizes. 

Afterwards, the men were asked to complete questionnaire that determined their attitudes toward women. The questionnaire examined the men’s general attitudes, hostile and benevolent sexism towards women. Benevolent sexism is seemingly positive female stereotypes that may actually be damaging to gender equality.

The study revealed that the preference for larger breasts was significantly linked to hostile sexism, benevolent sexism and female objectification.”