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Why Would An American President Ever Do This?

Executive Orders Disposition Tables 
John F. Kennedy – 1962



Why The Ambassador Died

Professor Mead on Benghazi Incompetence





” Defenders of the administration will point to this Times story as partially exonerating White House officials from some of the charges leveled against them. At least they tried to save Ambassador Stevens and his team.”



  ” As officials in the White House and Pentagon scrambled to respond to the torrent of reports pouring out from Libya — with Mr. Stevens missing and officials worried that he might have been taken hostage — they took the extraordinary step of sending elite Delta Force commandos, with their own helicopters and ground vehicles, from their base at Fort Bragg, N.C., to Sicily. Those troops also arrived too late.”



 ” Ambassador Stevens didn’t die because the White House had a bad night. He died because the White House has bungled North Africa.”

“A president who has had a patchy first term now needs to make a convincing case for a second one”

  “IN DENVER four years ago, an inspiring presidential candidate announced that he would change America. Barack Obama promised to put aside partisan differences, restore hope to those without jobs, begin the process of saving
the planet from global warming, and make America proud again.

  Next week Mr Obama will address his fellow Democrats at their convention in Charlotte,
North Carolina, with little of this hopeful agenda completed. Three million more Americans are
out of work than four years ago, and the national debt is $5 trillion bigger.”