IBD/TIPP Poll Finds A Sharply Divided America




” It’s a frequently heard lament: Why can’t Washington get along and compromise on the big issues of the day?

The federal government is, of course, divided, with the Democrats owning the White House and the Senate, the Republicans in control of the House.

The division, though, didn’t begin in Washington. It has been created by the voters, and the gap between the sides is so wide that there seems to be no ground for compromise.

Given the deep polarization found in the country, lawmakers simply cannot find common cause without betraying their constituencies.

Consider that our IBD/TIPP poll finds that 64% of Democrats give President Obama an “excellent” or “good” rating on his performance of managing the federal budget. Only 7% of Republicans believe he is doing an “excellent” or “good” job.

The chasm on Obama’s handling of the fiscal cliff negotiations is similar. Our poll finds that two-thirds of Democrats say Obama performed his duties in an “excellent” or “good” manner, while a mere 11% of Republicans agreed. ”