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Happy Are You David ?

Axelrod : ” We’re Winning “



  ” Senior Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod said Monday night that the presidential race is where the campaign expected it to be two weeks before Election Day ,  and that he believes the President Obama is winning. “

The Winning Answer

 Bill Kristol posits this :


“Almost 25 minutes into last Wednesday night’s presidential debate, it was already clear Mitt Romney was doing better than expected, and that Barack Obama was a bit flat. But it wasn’t yet obvious at the end of the debate’s first segment that the debate would produce a decisive winner.



Then moderator Jim Lehrer moved from taxes to a discussion of “what to do about the federal deficit, the federal debt.” Mitt Romney spoke first. His two-minute answer was the inflection point in the debate. After that, he was on a roll—a conservative roll. And President Obama would be reduced to an ineffectual defensive crouch—a liberal crouch.

Romney’s statement deserves to be reproduced in full:” CLICK TO VIEW