NRA Releases “New Energy” With Women’s Channel: Simply Divine Or Downright Dangerous? (VIDEO)



Armed Woman of the Week


” Last week The National Rifle Association, along with Smith & Wesson, launched a new women’s Internet channel in an effort to highlight and cater to the growing movement of women in the gun community.

The NRA announced on their Facebook page, “We are proud and excited to announce the new and improved NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson Corp. Our mission is to expose the public to the female face of the NRA. Look for profiles featuring women in the shooting sports who are making their voices known coming soon!”

The channel features a variety of topic areas: ‘Armed and Fabulous’ is a collection of profiles of women and one teenage girl, who have already made a presence for themselves in the gun community while ‘New Energy’ looks at the fresh faces among the ranks of NRA women. The ‘Range Ready’ section offers a variety of tips and tactics in the categories of shooting, safety, hunting and competition. ‘Lifestyle’ sections centerpiece is ‘The Girl’s Guide to Guns with Natalie Foster’ along with recipes for wild game, and ‘Girls and Guns Night Out’ showcasing local leagues. The Women’s Leadership Forum introduces women of influence that defend Second Amendment freedoms and help secure the future of the NRA through philanthropic leadership. ‘Refuse to Be a Victim’ is dedicated to all the brave women who have defended themselves with a firearm and those who refuse to be a victim, featuring an armed woman of the week and resources for self-defense training.”