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Makerbot Is Letting You 3D Print With Metal, Limestone, And Wood





” Makerbot—perhaps the most consumer-friendly of 3D printer manufacturers—is about to go a long way toward turning the tech into something consumers can actually use. Starting late this year, MakerBot is going to let you 3D print with a range of new materials, including composites of limestone, iron, and wood.

  The new PLA filaments are made with composites of the actual material they’re meant to replicate, meaning that what you 3D print doesn’t have to just be a plastic model of what you want. It’s going to look—and feel—a hell of a lot more like the object it’s imitating.”


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  ” There is perhaps no vehicle better for the environment and for your health than the bicycle. But not all bicycles are created equal. Some bikes are built using materials that are more eco-friendly or economical, while others offer superior performance.

The majority of bicycles you’ll find on the market today are built from steel, titanium, aluminum or carbon fiber. But bicycle design is constantly evolving, and designers and engineers are always testing out alternative materials. While some of these materials offer little more than an aesthetic appeal, many others offer genuine cutting edge advancements over standard components.

Chances are you’ll find something you like on this list whether you’re a hipster, engineer or environmentalist. Here are some of the top bikes made out of alternative materials:”






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