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‘Sociopathic’ Robots Could Overrun The Human Race Within A Generation





” We are all doomed to a dystopian future run and controlled by smart machines of our own making – or perhaps not.

  At a session at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Stuart Russell, a leading expert on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, made the bold prediction that AI would overtake that of humans “within my children’s lifetime”.

  The chief challenge was to control these advances by making sure that computers continue to serve human needs, rather than become a threat to them, the Berkeley professor argued.

  To do so, it was imperative that robots were endowed with the same values as humans.

  Professor Russell defined the ideal relationship as similar to that of Bertie Wooster and Jeeves where the long-suffering butler understands perfectly what his master wants without needing to be told.

  However, it was possible to envisage a much more dangerous future where “sociopathic” robots become a threat to humans. “


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1,700 Private Jets Descend On Davos For World Economic Forum





” Billionaires, world leaders and pop stars are clogging up the skies with their private jets as they descend on the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to liaise over issues such as terrorism, the central banks and growing economic inequality.

  Over the course of this week, approximately 1,700 private jets are expected to fly into the region, resulting airport traffic increasing by 10% which means that landing spots are in short supply.

  The Swiss Armed Forces have even opened up one of their military air bases for the first time to try and accommodate the increase in traffic. For private jet companies like PrivateFly, Netkets and VistaJet, this is by far their busiest time of year. “


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United States Drops In Global Competitiveness




” The following charts use data from the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) global competitiveness report to show how the United States measures up against the rest of the world. The global competitiveness index examines multiple factors, including a country’s political institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomic environment, financial markets, and innovation.

The United States has dropped in the rankings for the fourth consecutive year and is now in seventh place. In 2008 the United States placed first.”




Alien Life May Be Found In Next 10 Years: World Economic Forum


” The attendees at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting were presented with an analysis of the “unheralded dangers” in an 80-page document that highlighted several unforeseen risk factors facing the world and how global cultural outlook with regard to humanity’s conception of its place in the universe may need to evolve to adapt to some of the most exotic of these unforeseen challenges

According to Nature.com, WEF asked its editors and journalists to identify five of the most potentially disruptive of the “unheralded” risks, which they dubbed ‘X factors.'”

The report put together by Nature, titled “Global Risks 2013,” came up with a list of five “X factors” that world leaders need to prepare for to avoid what it described as “systemic shocks and catastrophic events.” The “X factors” are described in the reports as factors that “no country alone can prevent.”

The report illustrates the notion of an “X factor” as an “unheralded” event that may suddenly confront humanity:

“Neuroscientists, for instance, are avidly pursuing drugs and devices that could deliver real cognitive enhancement — not just sharpening our alertness and ability to focus, as certain drugs already do, but upping our intellectual firepower.

” … and the possible social consequences of contact with alien life. [emphasis mine]”

The report asserted that humanity may have to face “the possible social consequences of contact with alien life” and discussed its significance in the context of its discussion of the need for “national resilience” in response to global risks in the next 10 years.”