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Young Libertarians Aim To Be Players In 2014 Elections







” Get ready to meet the next generation of conservative political action committees.

  Super PACs like Club for Growth Action and Senate Conservatives Action might be the grown-ups dominating the headlines today, giving the GOP establishment a headache and driving Republican Party squabbles. But now, a libertarian youth group is hoping to get in the midterm election game, attract a new generation of donors and contribute to the cause.

  Young Americans for Liberty’s political action committee – Liberty Action Fund – bills itself as a youth-driven, grass-roots machine ready to harness enthusiasm for former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, and leverage it into support for constitutionally focused and libertarian-minded congressional candidates. The PAC is an offshoot of Young Americans for Liberty, a libertarian youth organization with 500 chapters and more than 125,000 participants, according to the YAL website.”



This is a very encouraging development . The youth of America did not all OD on the Koolaid …



” “We are just getting started,” says Jeff Frazee , Young Americans for Liberty’s executive director. “Our hope is to raise between $10,000 and $50,000 per candidate.”

  While the group has many donors who give less than $200 in contributions, more than half of the money the group has raised – $10,000 this election cycle – has come from one couple, Cyan and Scott Banister. The Banisters are entrepreneurs and “angel donors” known for their ties to companies like PayPal and IronPort Systems, the latter of which Scott Banister co-founded and then sold to Cisco Systems for $830 million in 2007.

  In recent years, the Banisters also have become synonymous with Zivity, an adult photography and networking site they co-founded. The site is “a community of models, photographers and their fans,” the website reads. “Whether it’s erotic, artistic, fantasy, or documentary, fans can show their support by voting on sets, which gives money back to those artists.” “


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 Young Americans for Liberty







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Young Americans For Liberty






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Jeff Frazee Speaks To LPAC 2013



” Few people are more passionate about preserving individual liberty than Jeff Frazee. The founder of Young American’s for Liberty (YAL) got his start in politics as an intern, and later a campaign advisor for Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX).
“[I] saw a real big potential, and a lot of young people being interested in Congressman Paul and his ideas,” Frazee said. “My interest had always been starting an organization for liberty and getting young people involved in the political process.”
This led Frazee to form YAL, a pro-liberty group whose mission is to “identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists committed to ‘winning on principle’.”
YAL has quickly grown in popularity since it was founded in 2008 and currently has more than 300 chapters and more than 26,000 youth activists nationwide.”


From Young Americans for Liberty

The Rise Of The Libertarians



Libertarianism is spreading on our college campuses. An unusually large number of politically-minded, frustrated students, who refer to themselves as the “liberty movement” believe themselves to be part of a rising tide that will restore the country to greatness.

Another issue driving libertarian activism is disenchantment with middle class entitlements. Programs like Social Security are beginning to run deficits, and demographic projections suggest that receiving a substantial payout upon retirement may not be an option for those just entering the program. In surveys, many millennials say they don’t think the program will exist by the time they’re supposed to receive benefits.

Young people are getting a “raw deal” from politicians’ deceptive promises, Deerson said.

So there are more college libertarians nowadays, but where are they coming from? The UCLA survey mentioned above suggests that it is primarily conservatives who are losing ground to libertarians, but some anecdotal evidence suggests a greater diversity of backgrounds. In an informal survey of members of the YAL chapter at UNC, Deerson said that about 40 percent of students had been raised Democrat, about 40 percent had been raised Republican, and about 20 percent said they had always been libertarian.”