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Prepare For The Worst



” As the verdict in the Zimmerman trial draws near, I urge those of you living in major cities to be ready for possible riots.  If you live in or around Orlando you need to be especially concerned and making preparations.  As we’ve seen before, when verdicts are handed down there are people who will quickly turn to riots and violent protests if they disagree with the decision of the court.  Orlando police are ramping up in anticipation of the verdict being reached sometime in the next few days.  They’ve issued two statements that in essence say “It’s alright to be vocal, but we don’t want you to be violent”.

There’s good reason for citizens in metropolitan areas, especially in or around Orlando Florida, to be concerned with the verdict being reached.”







Zimmerman family challenges Holder on New Black Panthers, says no arrests ‘based solely on your race’


Department of Justice indeed . It’s all about melatonin . 

Thank Goodness for the New Media

“Yesterday, a Reuters story credited both Breitbart.com and NewsBusters for bringing the problem to the attention of NBC executives.”