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Non-Muslim ‘no-entry’ zones have been multiplying all over Europe, and even popping up in cities here in the U.S. This should heighten every American’s awareness of the imminent danger we as a nation face. Once established, they are unsafe, and proving deadly for non-Muslims to inhabit or even to walk through the neighborhood.


These signs are being placed all over the UK

Parts of the UK have already become ‘no-go’ areas for police because minority communities are operating their own justice systems, according to the Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

Honor killings, domestic violence, sexual abuse of children and female genital mutilations are just some of the offences that are believed to be unreported in some cities and growing at an alarming rate.


It starts off innocently enough with them wanting to share a neighborhood with like-minded, religious thinking community dwellers. They slowly grow larger, and incorporate more…

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Listen To Superintendent Explain Why He Refuses To Remove Workbook With Outrageous Definition of Second Amendment









” The superintendent of Springfield Public Schools told 970 WMAY on Monday that he doesn’t plan to remove a workbook that contains an outrageous definition of the Second Amendment, despite the outrage it has generated among parents.

  The workbook, currently being utilized by seventh-graders at Grant Middle School in Springfield, Ill., teaches students that the Second Amendment gives people the “right to certain weapons, providing that they register them and they have not been in prison.” “



Bob Hill 2nd Amendment Propaganda



” Superintendent Bob Hill told 970 WMAY that the workbook is not the only resource that provides a definition of the Second Amendment and argued that the interpretation found in the material teaches students “what happens with the right to bear arms in the context of 2014.”

  He argued that “no place in the book does it portray that that is the Second Amendment — it’s a study guide summary of the Second Amendment and the impact of the Second Amendment on the lives of people today.” In “reality,” he added, some places do require the registration of firearms.

  Hill also claimed the material is not “proselytizing” a certain political point of view and said removing the material at this point in time is “pretty unfair relative to what the teacher has going on.” Micromanaging teachers in the district by reviewing all material they want to teach, he said, would be insulting to educators.”


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Here is a more in-depth post on the “rocket cats” of our previous post .

Unique at Penn

I was puzzled when a friend asked me a few weeks ago if I’d seen the “rocket cat” illustrated in a Penn manuscript which had been featured on the book blog BibliOdyssey in November. The image, from what was described as a 1584 “Feuer Buech” manuscript, appeared to show a cat and a bird propelled by rockets towards a castle.

codex109catUPenn Ms. Codex 109, f137r.

I enthusiastically retweeted the image and began trying to figure out just what was going on in the manuscript [1]. Since then, the “rocket cat” has gone somewhat viral, appearing in the Atlantic, BoingBoing, and elsewhere. Given the illustration’s new-found fame I thought it would be worthwhile to provide a bit of context.

The illustration above comes from UPenn Ms. Codex 109 which came to the library as part of the Edgar Fahs Smith history of chemistry collection. This manuscript is…

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Daily Quote 10.27.13

Will Rogers




” I bet after seeing us, George Washington would sue us for calling him ‘father’. “








The Angel Clark Show

Benjamin Franklin

Enter To Win

 We’re giving away an Autographed Joe Bonamassa Guitar to one lucky fan.



Obama Debate Claims About Changing World Attitudes Largely Untrue In Muslim World, Pew Survey Finds



 ” Despite a claim by President Barack Obama that “attitudes about Americans have changed” as a result of his foreign policy in Libya and Egypt, polls show support of the United States among Arabs has declined since former President George W. Bush’s tenure.

Positive views of the U.S. in several Muslim nations slipped from 22 percent in 2008 to 19 percent in 2012, according to a Pew Research Center report announced in June 2012. Support in both Pakistan and Jordan fell from 19 percent to 12 percent, while U.S. popularity in Turkey rose, from 12 percent to 15 percent.

“In Egypt, we stood on the side of democracy,” Obama said during Monday’s presidential debate. “In Libya, we stood on the side of the people … as a consequence, there’s no doubt that attitudes about Americans have changed.” ” 


Changed Alright … For The Worse. 


Former Home Depot CEO Makes Sound Anti-Obama Argument

Video At The Link

Bernie Marcus Bio Here .


  ” Bernie Marcus’s point here in this video is that Barack Obama does not have a great idea of how a business works; he has worked either in government office or for a government funded entity his entire career. He didn’t sweep the floors and clean bathrooms in 1985 for the minimum wage of $3.35 an hour. He hasn’t waited tables and had the entirety of his income depend on not only his personal performance, but also the ability of a restaurant to attract patrons. He hasn’t worked in a small business production line preparing items to ship as quickly as possible in time for the UPS man’s late afternoon pickup in order to produce the revenue needed to even have the ability to turn the lights on the next day or make payroll. And he hasn’t managed a crew of people that depend on his guidance in a struggling business. It’s not speculation – he has not involved himself in business on a day to day basis. Ever.”

Honesty and Sincerity Show




  ” Mitt Romney crossed a major threshold early this week, moving above 50 percent in his favorability rating, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls — and, for the first time in the campaign, he now leads President Obama on that measure.

The Republican presidential nominee has clearly benefitted from the debates. He had a 44.5 percent favorability rating at the end of September, before the debates. But by Monday, when he and Mr. Obama faced off for the final debate of the campaign, Mr. Romney’s favorability average was up at 50.5 percent.

“He’s did a great job humanizing himself in the first debate and seeming presidential in the second debate,” said Republican pollster Mike McKenna, who said the debate performances punctured Mr. Obama’s campaign-long strategy of trying to disqualify Mr. Romney in the minds of voters.

The Romney effort to seem measured continued on Monday in the third and final matchup between the two men. That debate was dedicated to foreign policy, and he batted away the president’s attacks, at one point accusing Mr. Obama of having little else.

“Attacking me is not an agenda,” the Republican said. “

Wal-Mart heir funding Obama big time



 ” Policy-wise, there’s plenty of reason for the Waltons to like Barack Obama:

  1. Wal-Mart endorsed the employer mandate in ObamaCare, which gives Wal-Mart an advantage by crushing smaller competitors.
  2. Wal-Mart has profited from Dodd-Frank, which fixes the price Wal-Mart has to pay banks for processing debit cards.
  3. Wal-Mart has lobbied for and profits from higher minimum wage.
  4. Wal-Mart is a top beneficiary of eminent domain takings, a government power protected by the types of judges Obama appoints.
  5. Big Business generally benefits from Big Government.

So, yes, Mitt Romney is cozy with Big Business and big donors. But don’t pretend Obama is any different.”

Romney has solid edge in 269-269 electoral vote tie scenario


Photo - This scenario, which may not be too far-flung, would cause a tie in the Electoral College between Mitt Romney (red) and Barack Obama (blue). Image from CNN's Electoral College calculator.


 ” As Mitt Romney continues to make gains in swing state polls in the wake of his dominant debate performance last week, it’s becoming increasingly possible that Americans could wake up on Nov. 7 to a 269-269 Electoral College tie. In such a case, Romney would almost surely win the presidency, according to analysis by the Washington Examiner.

Under the U.S. Constitution, in the event of an Electoral College tie, the presidential race is turned over to the House of Representatives (assuming no unexpected defections when the electors formally vote in December). And here’s the twist: Each state would get just one vote, based on what the majority of its own delegation decides. A candidate would thus need 26 votes to win. “

From John Hawkins


 ” There are twelve days left until the election and the few people who haven’t made up their minds yet are independent voters. So, rather than preaching to the choir, it seems like a good time to explain to those remaining undecided voters why Mitt Romney should be their choice.”



Back To School With You … LMAO


Axelrod : ” We’re Winning “



  ” Senior Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod said Monday night that the presidential race is where the campaign expected it to be two weeks before Election Day ,  and that he believes the President Obama is winning. “

Starting Your World War II Rifle Collection





Update: Insta-polls coming in

” Doesn’t matter who won the battle, says Ron Fournier. What matters is who won the war:

Mitt Romney wins. That’s not to say he won Monday night’s debate or the presidential campaign, but it’s safe to say he won an important chapter: The debate season…

There are ample reasons for both Obama and Romney to feel optimistic about their chances Nov. 6. But through his own steady performances and a spectacular first-debate failure by the incumbent, Romney has cleared an important hurdle: A near-decisive number of Americans believe that he is a viable alternative to Obama, an incumbent saddled with a weak economy and a pessimistic national mood.

Another point made more than once in the national tweet scrum tonight was that it sometimes felt like Romney was the incumbent and Obama the angry, occasionally snide challenger. ”


” Winners act like winners. Losers act like losers. And according to members of the same media elite who have spent months protecting him, Barack Obama is now looking like a loser in the closing days of his reelection campaign. This morning, a few members of the elite “Gang of 500,” including Time’s Mark Halperin, The National Journal’s Ron Fournier, ABC’s Terry Moran, and Politico’s Roger Simon, publicly voiced their disapproval of a campaign they describe as “belittling,” “not confident,” “peevish” and worse:”

  ” Herat – An Afghan woman and her nephew allegedly beheaded the woman’s daughter-in-law after the victim refused to be coerced into prostitution.

The Atlantic reports that 20-year-old Mah Gul was killed last Sunday in Herat province, southwestern Afghanistan, near the Iranian border. Local police claim that Gul’s mother-in-law, Pari Gul, and her 18-year-old nephew Najibullah have confessed to the killing.


According to police, Gul was killed because she repeatedly rejected the mother-in-law’s attempts to force her into prostitution.”

Horses and Bayonets Would Have Helped In Benghazi 

A statue memorializing soldiers who rode into battle in Afghanistan after 9/11 has been placed in front of the World Trade Center PATH station and will be formally dedicated on Friday.

They’ll Be All We Can Afford By The Time Obama Is Through



  ” “Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military’s changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines,” he said. “And so the question is not a game of Battleship where we’re counting ships. It’s — it’s what are our capabilities.”


Celebrities were quick to jump on the social media meme-to-be. As Atlantic notes, “Fact: Iran has been stockpiling horses & bayonets,” tweeted Dane Cook. “We wouldn’t have less horses and bayonets if blacksmiths and bayonet makers had a public union behind them,” quipped Drew Carrey. “If Romney’s military budget includes bayonets, it better also include tri-cornered hats,” said Seth McFarlane.”



In the past several weeks, Mitt Romney has gained ground in polls both nationally and in key swing states on the back of his first debate performance. Romney’s surge has been based around his strength on economic issues, which are going to be key to determining the outcome of the election. From the early going of tonight’s foreign policy debate, it was clear that Romney was aiming to run out the clock. He wanted to demonstrate a basic fluency on foreign policy so he could pass the commander in chief test, without looking like somebody who was itching to start more wars.”




Best Romney Quotes …

… From the Foreign Policy Debate


“Unfortunately, in nowhere in the world is America’s influence greater today than it was four years ago.”


“When the president of Iran, Ahmadinejad, says that our debt makes us not a great country, that’s a frightening thing.”


“Well, first of all, it’s not government that makes business successful. It’s not government investments that makes businesses grow and hire people.”

  ” Early Friday morning, thugs presumably supporting President Obama beat up the son of Wisconsin State Senator Neal Kedzie outside of his apartment in Whitewater. Kedzie caught the two men removing a Romney sign outside of his apartment around two o’clock in the morning. After telling them to put the signs back, one of the thugs attacked Kedzie and then put him in a choke hold and continued to beat his head.



  Mark Belling spoke to the Senator’s son Sean on the radio earlier today. Sean Kedzie told Belling he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance with possible skull and eye socket fractures.”

On Our Ever Changing Libya Story…



  ” Senior adviser to Obama for America and former White House official David Axelrod blew off criticisms from Republicans Sunday that the Obama administration’s storyline on the Libyan attack had been inconsistent, calling it “nonsense.”

“Well, I think it’s nonsense,” Axelrod told “Meet the Press” host David Gregory. “Obviously, this was a tragic event, and the President did call it an act of terror – not just once, but several times – and asked for and ordered an investigation to get to the bottom of what happened, why it happened, and to bring those who committed this act of terror to justice.” “